Today, requirements for the functionality of facilities and buildings of all kinds – from the detached house to the hospital, from the small production hall to the airport – are becoming increasingly ambitious. Especially in buildings, where many people live and work, fast communication and security aspects are of central importance.
In times of home office and growing multimedia and smart home applications, fibre optic supply is playing an increasingly important role. In all phases and areas of life there is a need for unrestricted high-speed internet access in all living spaces.
“Fibre to the Desk” is the new future standard.

A well-thought-out usage concept for attractive residential properties includes future-oriented and sustainable indoor cabling - whether it is a new building or a renovation project. Installation of fibre optic cables in the apartment not only increases the value of a property massively, but also the quality of life.

Emtelle have a variety of innovative and reliable solutions manufactured specifically for internal use, considering all requirements for Indoor applications.


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    Route Indoor products from the basement to the apartments or office blocks and simply break out fibre quickly and cost-effectively when the customer demands it.
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    Having the fibre distribution point installed into a building means that equipment is no longer at risk of being damaged by harsh weather, negligence or vandalism.
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    Future-orientated Indoor concept and dedicated fibre to each apartment or desk increases the value of a building massively.


  • Flame retardant, low smoke and zero halogen products
  • CPR rated solutions available tested acc. to EN 13501-6
  • Dedicated fibre to each apartment or desk
  • Various fibre solutions available – pre-installed and pre-connectorised without the need of blowing and splicing
  • Maximise fibre density with minimal build intrusion
  • Branching options for easy branching to single apartments
  • Products can be perfectly installed in a riser from the basement to supply fibres directly to the single apartments in MDUs
  • Flexible installation within a building
  • Easy to repair and replace the fibres in an event where physical damage has occured



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LFH (Low Fire Hazard) FibreFlow microducts are tested according to EN 61386-1 and 61386- 22 and are proven to be fire retardant, which is given by their low flammability, low smoke, low acid/ fume and halogen-free properties. It is made from 100% virgin compounds thus out performs across the spectrum of characteristics from tensile strength, elongation, heat, and temperature performance index. The ducts are lightweight, metal-free, flexible and can come as single ducts or as a bundle, being surrounded with a sheath of LFH material.



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LFH QWKconnect Indoor is a pre-connectorised fibre bundle pre-installed within a fire rated LFH microduct at the manufacturing process. QWKconnect for Indoor gives all the advantages of blown fibre, without the need for blowing and splcing. As the pre-installed Fibre Unit is only 1.1mm in diameter, any excess fibre can easily be coiled at the home or in fibre management housing. QWKconnect can be supplied in various lengths from 25m up to 500m, perfectly suited for indoor projects.



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LFH PIFU is a LFH microduct which comes with a pre-installed Fibre Unit. PIFU for Indoor is manufactured out of LFH material meaning it is suitable for use within buildings and gives excellent performance in a fire scenario. PIFU offers flexible installation within a building without the need of blowing and can come as a pre-connectorized version as well (LFH QWKconnect)



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LFH RTRYVA is a single microduct which comes with several pre-installed Fibre Units to maximise fibre density with minimal build intrusion. Leading the fibres to the apartments doesn’t require any splicing or blowing. The Fibre Units can be pulled out and led to each apartment. RTRYVA can be perfectly installed in a riser from the basement to supply Fibre Units directly to the single apartments in MDUs.



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EMU box for protection of branch points during installation of RTRYVA. Perfectly suited for installation in riser. Fibre Units can be retrieved and branched within the EMU box to the different apartments in an LFH microduct.


CCP + Drop

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Complete internal home connect solution – pre-installed internal drop cable with customer connection point (CCP). Fully assemble for increased quality assurance and a fast reliable deployment.


Indoor Brochure

Emtelle Indoor Brochure 2021

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