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Emtelle FibreFast™ minicables are for blowing into the duct network. They can be installed in single microducts or tube bundles. The cables are lightweight and smaller in diameter than traditional cables, enabling a higher fibre count within a small microduct. We offers a full range solution of blowing cables up to 576 fibres – all proven on Nx100 test track and certified with Emtelle microducts. Our air blown cables undergo regular approval tests at our regional test tracks using our latest Manufacturing & Design Technology. Our 4 blowing tracks are customer specific or conform to IEC 60794-1-21:2015 Standards.
The Emtelle cable range range have gel filled loose tubes and water blocking yarns, which stops water penetration along the cable.
Available colour codes are ANSI / TIA 598, DIN VDE 0888, S12, FIN2012.


  1. 1.

    Small diameter & lightweight.
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    Fibre count 2-576f available.
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    All dielectric construction.

  • CORNING® SMF-28® ULTRA is in the heart of Emtelle's cables.
  • Fibre types: G.652D + G.657.A1 (200 μm) or Fibre - G.652D + G.657.A1 (250 μm).
  • Outer jacket – PE (polyethylene) or PA (polyamide).
  • Increased equipment efficiency, 10% less fibre attenuation.
  • Significantly improved reliability and resistance to installation damages.
  • Ten times higher bend-resistance compared to standard single-mode fibres.
  • ULW (Ultra light weight): Versions for overhead installation available




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Emtelle Direct Install Traditional Cable range is all dielectric and designed for installation into a duct by pulling. The DI Traditional Cable is a stronger version of a Minicable allowing for the cable to be pulled into an existing duct if required.



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Our Emtelle Direct Bury Traditional Cable range is predominantly deployed by direct burial install into suitable prepared ground, due to its exceptional strength and protection of the outer sheath.


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